Let them play!

A didactical periodization for football.

Who is Anjo Coppus

My name is Anjo Coppus and I work as a physical education teacher at the VMBO in Uden. In addition to my work as a teacher I am a passionate football coach.

The past twenty-five years I have been active in amateur and professional youth football to teach players how to play football better. In those years I have spoken to many different coaches about the way they practice and what factors affect performance. The golden answer to how to get someone to excel was never the same.

Factors like: talent, experience, right moment / right place, luck / bad luck, mindset and putting everything aside for years to achieve your goal all switched places as being most important.

It prompted me to write a book where I join my football, educational experience and science to a new football method: Let them play!

A Didactical periodization for football. I’d like to share my experiences and insights with you because this form of periodization developed by Vitor Frade for football can, in my view, be the future of practice. Not only for football, but for multiple game sports as well.

My activities


  • Personal training
  • Clinics
  • Active workshops
  • Braintraining


  • Didactical periodization
  • Football developement
  • Youth development programs
  • Train de coach